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When the arrogant are spewing their hate
You throw your hands in the air
And turn your head away
Not your problem, not today
Guilty as a fuckin' rat
Cant choose between empathy and hate
Standing by as the innocent die
Still no thoughts,
Nothing to say
If your not here to help then get the fuck out of my way

Silence, complacence
We can't hang our hats on guilty men
Silence, complacence
We can't hang our hats on guilty men

(Our world is only as evil as we let it
Remember that as your standing by letting this all happen)
Your silence is killing us

You sit by when they're sellin' our souls
Complacent cogs in the money machine do what your told

A generation with the weight of the world
Making up for the past, shits piling up

Don't get caught up thinking everything happens for a reason
Small minded ignorance will knock down this door
The second you let it, open your mouth stand for what you believe in
I swear on my promised grave
pacifists tolerating evil will not be the way this story ends


from New Pain, released May 31, 2019


all rights reserved



KODIVK Rochester, New York

Rochester, NY Alt-Hardcore.

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